Joke Effects 1.2

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★ The No. 1 Sound Effect App on the Android Market ★

Providing home screen widgets with entertaining and comical sound effects, Joke Effects lets your Android device be a source of laughter and joy!

Joke Effects consist of both a regular application, and a set of widgets. The regular application is a collection of all sounds, which can be played by clicking the different buttons. The set of widgets lets you access these entertaining sounds directly from your home screen. Pushing the buttons in both the application and widgets plays the sound you've selected - a perfect way to put your jokes to new heights, or to mock your friends.

Long press a button in the application to set it at as ringtone/notification/alarm sound.

This full version contains:
• 4 different widget sizes (Small to XLarge)
• 4 different widget designs
• 18 different sound effects
=288 possible combinations!

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):
Q: When I move the application to the SD card the widgets don't work
A: This is due to restrictions in the Android operating systems. Either you will need to play the sound effects from the application itself, or move the application back to the internal memory (through Settings -> Applications) and add the widgets once more


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